DJI Unveils Compact Mavic Pro Drone

Pilots in want of an easily portable drone that doesn’t skimp on functionality should take a close look at the Mavic Pro.

DJI drone


Small drones are the next big thing. New models like the Yuneec Breeze andGoPro Karma emphasize size above all; they fold and fit easily into a small backpack so you can take them anywhere with ease. Now, dominant drone maker DJI is joining the party with the svelte Mavic Pro quadcopter.

The Mavic Pro features a black finish, a stark contrast to the smooth, white lines of the Phantom 4$1,095.88 at Amazon. Its design is more angular, and sits low to the ground thanks to short landing gear and a gimbal-stabilized 4K camera that’s stabilized on three axes and can record 4K video at up to 30fps and 1080p footage at up to 96fps—perfect for smooth slow-motion capture. Its field of view is narrower than the Phantom 4—78.8 degrees versus 94 degrees—about the same as a 25mm lens in full-frame terms.

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