Drone Crew becomes first fully licensed UAV operator in the film industry in SA

altDrone Crew has received its Remote Operator Certificate (ROC) from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), making it the first fully licensed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operator in the South African film industry.

The receipt of the certificate on 23 October makes it the third fully licensed operator overall in South Africa (the others being in anti-rhino poaching and mining sectors).

“We would like to thank all involved at SACAA and DOT [Department of Transport] for processing our application in a professional manner, and our entire team of experts for their hard work and commitment to the process, as well as all those who have supported us and cheered us on along the way. This is a great milestone for us, and we look forward to leading the way in providing a safe and reliable service in this specialised part of the film industry,” Drone Crew said.

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