Panoptes takes UAS collision avoidance to the next level

The Internet is full of videos showing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) accidentally crashing into objects that were closer than they appeared.

Panoptes Systems Corp., a company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, not only has a solution for this problem, but is also is developing next-generation collision avoidance technology more useful for commercial operations of unmanned aerial systems (UAS).


Currently, the eBumper4 is designed for low-speed applications, such as bridges and other infrastructure.

“It’s best used for the loitering applications where you’re intentionally flying slowly and the pilot is in the loop,” Kunzi explained. “The eBumper4 gives a base level of protection for the aircraft and the operator.”

Panoptes is tackling the challenge of UAS collision avoidance in four separate steps. Kunzi said its next generation technology will enable UAS operations in open areas below 500 feet with the ability to detect and avoid other low-flying aircraft.

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