Amphibious, Lightweight VTOL UAV

VTOLOne of the newest products at AUVSI is Rapid Composites’ Bullray™, a rugged, amphibious (water takeoff and landing), fully autonomous UAV with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities.  Constructed of a high-speed quasi-isotropic carbon fiber and glass composite material, the lightweight (4.4 kg with no payload), clamshell-shapedUAV airframe can be molded in less than 10 minutes according to Alan Taylor, presidentof Rapid Composites.  Once fabricated, the waterproof UAV has a 7 kg payload capacitywith a 30-45 minute flight time (payload dependent) and includes integrated rifle stylePicatinny rails and a Surefire weapon light system. The system includes push button folding/unfolding booms for easy deployment and transport. Taylor says the Bullray is designed for military or civilian applications and has already been used in Africa to discourage poachers, as well as military and law enforcement applications.

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