Legendary astronaut adapts with new-generation to drones


Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin visits with dozens of students holding their completed drones complete with cameras. (WTOP/Mike Murillo)

CULPEPER, Va. — Some grade school students have been spending their time building drones at Germanna Community College’s Daniel Technology Center.

Wyatt Coughlin, 16, says building a drone was no easy task and that “getting to build them can be a real pain because it’s so much wiring and everything.”

Friday was the day to let their projects take flight. But if you are going to “launch” a project, a last-minute class with a former astronaut isn’t a bad idea.

“I wish I was your age,” says Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin to dozens of school kids holding their fully built drones, complete with cameras. “We had to use cement, balsa wood, tissue paper and only one propeller attached to a rubber band,” he says.

Aldrin came to Culpeper with his Share Space Foundation, to work with kids from the Orange and Madison County Boys & Girls Clubs and Germanna Scholar Program. His goal is to get kids interested in science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

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