3D Robotics IRIS+ Drone: This Consumer Drone With Hands Free Features May Be The Easiest You’ve Ever Flown

10751687_715323595220712_1027831444_nThe IRIS+ drone by 3D Robotics was showcased during Engadget Expand 2014. The IRIS+ is the first consumer drone with powerful hands free features as well as the ability to follow the users, automatically land and fly in a semi-independent manner. The IRIS+ has the standard radio remote control, however it can also be controlled from the Pebble smartwatch and be given instructions to fly automatically by using a combination of programming and GPS.

The GPS can keep track of the home location from where the IRIS+ was launched and it can be instructed to return to the waypoint and land, it can be instructed to hover around the users and take pictures and selfies with the GoPro it is equipped with and these images and video can be shared on Droneshare (Dronestagram perhaps?). The drone software is all open source and Amazon is planning on using it for their drones.

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