Close call with drone under investigation by Transport Canada

Transport Canada is investigating a possible close call an Air Canada flight had with a drone while the plane was en route from Halifax to St. John's in July. CBCTransport Canada is investigating a possible drone that got too close to a commercial Air Canada flight en route from Halifax to St. John’s in July.

The plane had just left Halifax Stanfield International Airport and reached an altitude of 19,000 feet when the pilot spotted an “unmanned aerial vehicle” 1,000 feet above the plane.

Transport Canada spokesperson Martin Eley said the mystery object may be easier to identify because most drones are unable to reach that kind of altitude.

Eley said while there wasn’t risk to the people on the flight in this incident, educating people on safely operating drones is vital.

“You get two things in the air, there’s obviously a risk. Our job is to make sure we do keep things safe, we avoid the risks. The pilot reported seeing it, he didn’t indicate that he may have hit it, he might have taken evasive action,” he said.

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