Nevada gets head start on drone technology

Unmanned-aerial vehicles are expected to become a $900 billion industry worldwide.

The state of Nevada has a head start on most other areas of the country with the first official Federal Aviation Administration test scheduled for next Wednesday, north of the Nevada Test and Training Range.

It could mean billions of dollars for Nevada and could create thousands of jobs from software engineering to manufacturing.

Private companies are racing to develop and use commercial drones. They’ve been used to make movies and to advertise real estate. The catch: they are currently illegal.

The FAA is considering streamlining the permit process for smaller drones in low-risk areas, but a complete set of regulations could be years away.

The history of flight has been full of turbulence, lots of lofty ideas and hard landings. From those humble beginnings, comes a future being developed in Nevada. It is already creating a demand for technicians and programmers. It is bringing in aerospace companies from all over the country.

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