Poland loses a drone during artillery drills and no one has a clue where it is

A mini unmmaned aerial vehicle, did not reach the desired landing zone during artillery drills. And disappeared.
The Flyeye drone has lost contact with the ground operator on May 7, near Torun, Poland, when it was going to land and was redirected towards the alternative landing zone near Skulsk. It never reached the place eventually.

Several other UAVs and a ground search group are also looking for the lost drone but where unable to locate it due to the difficult terrain conditions.

The cause for the unmanned aircraft not reaching the landing zone is still unknown. Since the drone was flying a training sortie, representatives of the manufacturer were also present during the drill.

These ruled out the operator’s error as a possible cause for the incident that, instead, might have been caused by Software error, since the new version of code was tested during the drill.

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