Bighorn sheep harassed by drone in Zion park

Bighorn sheep like these recently were harassed in Zion National Park by someone piloting a remote-controlled drone.

Volunteers at Zion National Park recently witnessed a remote-controlled drone flying close to a herd of bighorn sheep on the eastern side of the park. They observed the herd scattering at the approach of the drone with several young sheep separated from the adults by the drone. Harassment of wildlife within the park is illegal, as is the use of drones.

“I am sure most people who fly drones have no desire to harm wildlife or endanger our other visitors. Many may not even know that it is illegal to fly a drone here at Zion,” Superintendent Jim Milestone stated. “We hope that by educating the public about the reasons behind the restrictions, we will increase their understanding and compliance and help to protect the park.”

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