The Feds (and UPS) Accidentally Mailed Their $350k Drone to Some College Kid


Update: NOAA insists that the shipping error was UPS’s fault, not the federal government’s. We have reached out to UPS to hear their side of the story. “We did not mail the package to the wrong address—the error occurred on the part of UPS,” NOAA spokesperson David Miller told us.

A Redditor got more than he bargained for in the mail today: He was accidentally mailed parts to a $350,000 environment and wildlife monitoring drone owned by the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration.

David Miller, a spokesperson for NOAA, told me he’s not sure how the wings and control panel to a NOAA Puma drone, which the agency uses to measure ocean debris, conduct seabird surveys, and monitor ocean habitats, ended up in the hands of the Redditor, but believes that UPS somehow erred and delivered it to the college student.

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