‘They’re Playing God’: The Federal Drone Ban Is Thwarting Rescue Missions

'They're Playing God': The Federal Drone Ban Is Thwarting Rescue Missions

A week after University of Indiana student Lauren Spierer went missing, Gene Robinson packed up his Spectra Flying Wing drone and got on a plane bound for Bloomington. When he got off the plane, his cell phone rang.

It was the Federal Aviation Administration. The agency had gotten word, from a local news report, that Texas EquuSearch, a world-renowned search-and-rescue agency, would be assisting in the search for Spierer. Robinson partners with Texas EquuSearch to use drones to assist rural search-and-rescue efforts; the FAA, in the midst of a crackdown on what it deems “commercial” drone usage, has been butting heads with Robinson for years now.

Robinson says that the agency’s representative told him that as long as he flew in manual mode, there would be no problem. The next day, when he went out to the search, he heard something completely different.

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