College to launch unmanned systems master’s degree


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University will launch a new master’s degree program in unmanned systems.Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University will launch a new master’s degree program in unmanned systems.

School officials made the announcement at a co-event with Sinclair Community College in Dayton. Embry-Riddle has several campuses across the country, including one in Dayton where it is looking to grow programs in the emerging drone industry.

Brent Terwilliger, UAS discipline chair for Embry-Riddle, said the degree will be a unique qualification for the school, which up to this point has offered a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics with a UAS minor.

The new Master of Science in Unmanned Systems will launch in August.

Terwilliger said other degree programs in the UAS field, including some other extant master’s level programs, focus on the engineering aspect of drones. The Embry-Riddle degree will focus on employment of drones from how they are used to constraints and benefits.

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