Canada needs privacy rules for drones

Canada needs privacy rules for drones

Canada used a drone similar to this in Afghanistan.

In the next four years, the federal government will finalize policies that regulate how civilian authorities and the private sector can use drones in Canada. In the process, these authorities will establish the legal parameters of one of the most important surveillance and privacy issues affecting Canadians in recent memory. Canadians should be concerned because, to date, federal organizations have demonstrated a poor track record of respecting Canadians’ privacy rights and civil liberties.

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are pilotless aircraft that are controlled by operators on the ground. There are many different sizes and types of drones. Some can be outfitted with a range of surveillance technologies, such as real-time video and thermal imaging technology. In Canada, drones are already being used for policing, security, commercial activities such as agriculture and mineral exploration, as well as for emergency management operations. Research indicates that law enforcement agencies will be using drones for more and more surveillance activities.

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