Queensland Police Flying Drones Around Crime Scenes

The Queensland Police Service is using at least two drones for law enforcement, running the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for “situational awareness” during sieges and other high-risk police operations. Although they’ve been used in trials since early 2012, the UAVs’ continued use was detailed last week in a Federal Government committee on drones and privacy.

The UAVs are being used as part of QPS’ regular operations, according to iTnews. The information came to light at the Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs drone privacy roundtable held in Brisbane on Friday; Inspector Brad Wright, in charge of the unmanned vehicles program, said that the drones were primarily used to get a birds-eye view of situations during operations, but that the relatively low 400ft (~120m) operating ceiling imposed by CASA meant that they weren’t suited to snooping or other covert activities.

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