100km of across-glacier flights completed!

Brian setting up the ground station, and Tom adding the tail to the Sky Hunter.

We completed our first flights over Tasman Glacier today! Our launch and landing site was about an hour hike past the end of the road — a walk made slightly more challenging by the fact that we were carrying all of our gear on our backs. But once we arrived, the weather was perfect: sunny, clear, and almost no wind.

Tasman Glacier is approximately 2km across, with steep moraine walls on either side, meaning we had to be extra careful to make sure we didn’t crash into the moraines at the edges of our domain. Since Mission Planner (our autopilot software) relies on google earth images as the basis for its maps, our fingers were crossed that the google earth topography would be accurate! But just to be sure, we stayed 200-300m away from the cliffs.

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