UAF Unmanned Aircraft Program Expands to Iceland

Marty Rogers, left, chief operating officer with the UAF ACUASI, stands with Sigurder Hrafnsson, chairman of the UAS test site and research facilities in Iceland by one of their test aircraft. UAF photo by Todd ParisThe University of Alaska Fairbanks has partnered with UAS Iceland to expand unmanned aircraft operations in Iceland in early 2014.

The collaboration with UAS Iceland, via UAF’s Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration, will support arctic science, including glacier studies, volcano monitoring, marine mammal research and environmental observations. The agreement also has the potential to support mapping efforts and search and rescue missions.

“We have opportunities here in Iceland every day for unmanned aircraft support,” said Sigurdur Hrafnsson, president of UAS Iceland, a commercial company that consults with the Icelandic government. “Iceland is a very progressive country, but takes a thoughtful approach to unmanned aircraft technology and is rightfully looking at everything from the perspective of what is a safe and sustainable process.”

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