Dreams of the World: Riley Morgan, Drones for Good Enthusiast

Morgan Riley by KIKE CALVO¨There is a big difference between my quadcopter and a Predator or an actual drone with hellfire missiles on it,¨ said Riley Morgan, a 14 year-old New Yorker. ¨My quadcopter is used for fun, as a nice way to pass time. The Predator is designed to harm people. No matter how I use it, my quad is not designed to be dangerous or deadly as a full-scale military drone.¨

¨When people come up to me arguing that drone usage should be banned, I explain to them what I am doing and why it is different from what a predator drone can do,¨ said Morgan. I tell them the difference between my quadcopter and an actual drone, and I try to explain to them that it is a hobby that shouldn’t be banned.¨

¨I’m not really sure what my dream is. I really want to do something in the Radio Control industry, but I’m not sure what exactly,¨ said Morgan. ¨As long as it is fun and it gets other people into the hobby, I will be happy doing it. I’ll probably start a company that sells RC and multi-rotor equipment.¨

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