FAA sends notices to companies against commercial use of drones

FAA sends notices to companies against commercial use of drones

Photo: EPA

Straight after the Lakemaid Beer company has annoucned that they are going to deliver beer to people by drones, the Federal Aviation Administration demanded that they stop these operations. Lakemaid is one of many other companies that were ordered to cancel their plans. Since 2012, the agency has sent official notices to 13 other organizations.

The official documentation was recently released in response to the Freedom of Information Act request. Most of letters describe that the FAA does not allow the commercial use of drones. It also adds that the drone use is allowed only with a Certificate of Authorization or with an Experimental Certification. Certificate of Authorization document is usually provided to public agencies and law enforcement. Experimental Certification is provided to recreational hobbyists.

However, the list of companies that are interested in using drones is extremely diverse from photography businesses, storm chasers, National Geographic videographers, up to safety inspectors.

Out of all the companies that have received the notice, some stopped the use of drones, other switched to other activities, while certain people continued as if they have never received any letter. The last ones later claimed that “it’s not wise to do anything to put yourself on the FAA’s radar.”

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