RECON; “Ready For Service” PMG Multi-Rotors Introduces Professional-Grade Quad-Copter


PMG Multi-Rotors has released a new professional-grade “Ready-For-Service” quad-copter. RECON is a Quad Multi-Rotor UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) designed to suit the needs of advanced enthusiast’s and various professionals alike. High torque motors and responsive ESC’s (Electronic Speed Controllers) are the key features to the multi-rotors agile capabilities and efficient endurance. With impressive lifting power and an astounding max hover time of more than 50 minutes, Recon can perform long-range missions and time sensitive tasks.

The RECON’s extraordinary capabilities and fortitude makes it the perfect choice for search and rescue, law enforcement, action sports filming, agricultures assessment, disaster management, perimeter surveillance, infrastructure inspection, and many other critical applications.

A high tech company based out of Southern California, PMG Multi-Rotors designs and manufactures purpose built commercial-grade aerial solutions outfitted with various video/photo camera equipment options as well as advanced camera stabilization systems.

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