Arcturus UAV and Urban Robotics Fly 3-D Imager

Arcturus T-20 unmanned aerial vehicle with 3D imaging pods on a recent test flight at a Southern California test range.  (PRNewsFoto/Arcturus UAV)The GeoDragon sensor system has now been integrated and flown on an Arcturus UAV T-20 Tier II unmanned aerial vehicle.  The sensor system is enclosed in a wing-mounted pod and is capable of high resolution 2-D and 3-D image capture. The sensor was designed by Urban Robotics in Portland, Oregon. The aircraft was built by Arcturus UAV in Rohnert Park, California.  The GeoDragon system can create 3-D reconstructions in near-real time and output high-resolution digital elevation models, LIDAR-like datasets, and wide area maps.  The system will be released in mid-2014.  GeoDragon adds significant 3-D imaging and mapping capabilities to the T-20 UAV.

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