Predator drone assists in arrest of North Dakotan

Predator drone assists in arrest of North DakotanCattle rancher Rodney Brossart was arrested and given a three year prison sentence this week, thanks to a Predator drone that assisted in the capture of the North Dakotan man. This marks the first time a US drone has ever helped in finding a man that was clearly trying to evade police.

According to one US media outlet police tried to detain the man on his property back in 2011 but were unsuccessful in their efforts. The man was taken into custody when he would not budge in returning the six cows that had ventured onto his property in 2011. Though, the arrest was a long and treacherous one as the SWAT team had to be in position along with the local cops in a 16-hour standoff involving law enforcement and Brossart.

Over the course of time, the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Patrol loaned out its Predator drone to help participate in the efforts of finding and arresting the man. The drone let cops know when it was a safe time to take the suspect into custody. He was supposedly tasered by police when they were trying to detain him.

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