GALLERY: Quadcopter trend takes off in Illawarra

Team Razorback member Michael Stoboi flies one of his multirotors at a Blackbutt park. Picture: CHRISTOPHER CHAN

A futuristic robot air force is slowly growing in the Illawarra’s parks. Controlled with pinpoint accuracy, the machines zip across the sky with seeming precision.

Watching them can make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a science-fiction movie.

Known as “quadcopters”, the devices have a small but enthusiastic following in the Illawarra, with about five members making up Team Razorback, Southern Division.

“I’ve flown up on beaches and people go ‘oh that’s really cool’,” club member Michael Stoboi says.

Similar devices, called “drones”, have become controversial, due to their use by armed forces to conduct secret targeted attacks.

But drones is not a term Mr Stoboi likes, and he corrects me when I use it to describe his “fancy toys”.

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