Consumer drones set to invade CES 2014

droneThere’s no shortage of opinions when it comes to the merits of the fledgling commercial drone market.

Skeptics fret about privacy and pervasive surveillance—not to mention the potential for overcrowded airspace—while advocates argue that a safe, regulated market can offer unprecedented opportunities for photography, disaster relief, weather monitoring, reporting, and, yes, e-commerce deliveries.

Last Fall, the BBC showed off its investment in a brand new hexacopter, which it intends to use as a field reporting tool. More recently, Amazon unveiled plans to deliver orders via quadcopter, stirring both concern and excitement.

But whether or not these drone ambitions ultimately take flight in the mass market, the consumer UAV sector is on prominent display here at CES. And while there are drones for all budgets and uses, three stand out in an increasingly crowded field.

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