Looking for a college major? How about drone technology

DronesIn March, 47-year-old Stephen Myers ditched the information technology company that he built from the ground-up and went back to school.

His choice of study? Drone technology. He’s now earning a specialized degree from the Unmanned Vehicle University in Arizona. Myers is taking an online course on how to control a drone’s sensors and electronics, and he hopes to build a new commercial drone business.

“I think that something a lot of people don’t understand is that when people think of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), they think of drones spying on them,” said Myers, who lives in Naples, FL. “What they don’t realize or what they don’t understand are all the other applications.”

Drones are already being tested by companies like Amazon, who hope to use them to deliver packages, and Dominos in the United Kingdom even wants to deliver pizza. “There is almost no industry that you can not think of that can benefit from UAVs,” said Myers.

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