It’s a drone: Pasadena man’s hobby is 400 feet off the ground

Quadcopter cameraA buzzing sound fills the air as an object flies in the sky, its red and green lights flashing like a UFO. A man is about 400 feet below, staring into the sun as he controls the object.

For the past three months, Larry Rogers of Pasadena has been using a drone to fly above many landmarks of Maryland to take images and videos from a point of view not many people get to see. So far, he’s shot about 70 videos and 500 photos.

“This is like the real bird’s-eye view,” he said, moving the controllers with his fingers.

From about the height of the Baltimore World Trade Center in the Inner Harbor, his quadcopter drone has captured images of the highest rooftops, treetops, expansive waterways, snow and clouds. It looks just like a postcard.

“This is a perspective that not a lot of people get,” he said. “I like sharing that with folks.”

Rogers purchased a drone for $450 from Amazon.comafter seeing his cousin use one in North Carolina. Since then, he’s purchased another drone for $1,200. The DTI Phantom 2, which he purchased from UAV Products, is more advanced as far as keeping the camera flat.

“You have to be very particular about how it is balanced,” Rogers said.

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