Drones in Our World, Part V: Domestic Possibilities

As the focus of the unmanned systems industry shifts from international to domestic markets, it is logical that their proven uses overseas be applied to domestic considerations, starting with our borders and then working in. As The Wall Street Journal reported in August 2012, there has been a movement to integrate battlespace technology into domestic security.

Static aerial observation systems that were normalized to track pattern of life movements in Iraq and Afghanistan can be easily applied protect homeland security through the monitoring of American borders. This aerial observation can track illegal border crossings and trafficking routes, which facilitates the efficient allocation of resources and prioritization of countermeasures to mitigate nefarious activities.

In addition to practices that became well-established in overseas operations, there are many applications of UAS technology that are adoptable and adaptable. Of the many utilities of UAVs in domestic applications, perhaps the most important value is that the systems can offer significant protection to our public defenders. With proper use, public entities from local jurisdictions to federal agencies can apply a variety of UAS technologies to protect their personnel and augment their operational effectiveness.

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