Sometimes, Drones Protect Life Instead of Destroying It

Sometimes, Drones Protect Life Instead of Destroying ItIn 2013, we’ve seen humankind’s capability of murdering innocent people through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, that can seek and destroy targets just about anywhere in the world — all while being controlled by a pilot sitting in a dark room thousands of miles away.

So the question is, can this technology, already put to such diabolical use for political reasons, actually be used for good? There are several projects that utilize UAVs in ways that protect life rather than destroying it. In most cases, the aircraft are being used in remote areas where conservation and protection of endangered species is of utmost importance, but it’s impossible for officials to keep constant surveillance. Here are some cases where drones have helped to protect life.

Rhino Poaching

Africa’s National parks are protected zones, but limited resources and a sparse network of rangers responsible for monitoring hundreds of thousands of acres make it hard to track and capture poachers before their disgusting deed is accomplished. Earlier this year, Care2 reported on a Kenyan wildlife conservancy that was using unmanned aerial drones to look for would-be rhino killers. The drones are fitted with a live streaming HD camera, which is gimbal mounted for 360 degree remote controlled viewing. Rhinos and other protected species in the preserve are fitted with tracking chips. Sensors on the drones can then recognize individual animals and use on-board GPS to store an image tagged with location coordinates.

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