From UAV to GIS! Automatic Terrain Extraction and Ortho-Mosaicing Software Now Available in the U.S. Market.

aps3Furthering its mission to increase access to high quality remote sensing data,TerraPan Labs is proud to announce the introduction of Menci APS to the U.S. Market. APS leverages GPU-based feature extraction to enable complete automation of ortho-correction, mosaicing, and terrain extraction from manned and unmanned aerial imaging systems. Menci APS automates processing of extensive blocks of imagery using standard consumer laptop and desktop processing hardware, all for $6,300 for a permanent license.

Automated aerial triangulation from aerial photography can now produce vertical measurements accurate within 40% of the ground sampling distance (GSD), making for example, 2″ vertical precision possible with 5″ resolution imagery. By using a UAV imaging system it is possible to achieve even higher resolution, to the order of 2 cm (1″) horizontal and vertical precision. Ortho-correction and mosaicing can be completed simultaneously through the very intuitive processing workflow. For the cost of a single manned or unmanned flight, Menci APS produces both ground-corrected image data and accurate 3-D models
of the land surface.

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