Uses for drones expanding

Commercial flightsThe camera swoops over the green expanse of the Everglades hundreds of feet below, like many helicopter shots you’ve seen on television. But suddenly it dips and flies through a narrow, shaded canal where kayakers are paddling, and a viewer has to wonder, “How on earth did they fly a chopper in such a tight space?”

The answer: It isn’t a helicopter. It’s a drone.

Welcome to the world of small, radio-controlled, unmanned aircraft for commercial use.┬áCEO Jeff Bezos said on “60 Minutes” this month that his company plans to use drones to deliver packages in the next several years, he created a buzz. But such aircraft already are used for limited commercial purposes.

Keith Colodny, owner of Precision Aerial Filmworks of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., has used drones to provide promotional videos for local real estate agents and car dealers, tourism campaigns, nature-focused television programs and numerous other clients.

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