Drones already flying under the radar


The first one offered expansive views before crashing in spectacular fashion. The second one simply flew away, never to be found.


Scott Gerami’s third homemade drone was a winner, allowing the Naperville real estate agent to market his clients’ homes by taking aerial footage of a property and the surrounding neighborhood.

The potential commercial applications of unmanned aerial vehicles, known as drones, moved front and center earlier this month when Amazon’s Jeff Bezos said the company was testing them for delivering packages. On a smaller scale, tech-minded entrepreneurs and hobbyists have already moved from testing their remote-controlled machines to touting the results. A YouTube search of “drone aerial video” yields about 295,000 results.

While privacy advocates voice concerns and the federal government inches closer to issuing airspace regulations for drones, businesses across the country already are operating them under the radar, using them to offer duffers a bird’s-eye view of a golf course, sell houses or help farmers chase down feral pigs.

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