Russia To Conduct Test Flights of Emirati Drone

Off to Russia: ADCOM Systems will deliver its first United 40 Block 5 drone to the Russian military in February for flight tests.The Russian armed forces will conduct test flights of a United Arab Emirates-made UAV early next year, Russian State News Agency RIA Novosti reported.

In a statement to the news agency by Ali al-Dhaheri, chief executive of ADCOM Systems and chief designer of the aircraft, the unmanned United 40 Block 5 long-range reconnaissance vehicle will be tested to assess whether it meets the military’s operational needs.

Dhaheri said the first drone would be delivered to Russia in February.

A preliminary agreement has been reached to sell more test vehicles to the armed forces, depending on the results of the first flights.

The medium-altitude drone can stay airborne for more than 100 hours and can also be equipped with Namrod air-to-surface guided missiles.

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