DJI quadcopters to support raw shooting, autonomous navigation

We’ve mentioned DJI’s awesome Phantom quadcopters quite a few times on our news page over the last year or two, but as cool as these aerial photography platforms are, they’re about to get a whole lot cooler.

“What could be better than a reasonably affordable quadcopter with a built-in, remotely-aimable high-res camera, Wi-Fi live view at a range of 300 meters, and 25-minute flight times” we hear you asking? How about “All of the above, plus the ability to shoot still images in raw format, and to have the quadcopter navigate by itself along a predefined route”?

Both of these features are headed to the DJI Phantom 2 Vision, an impressive quad that currently retails for street prices in the neighborhood of US$1,200. (If that’s beyond your budget, DJI also has an entry-level quad — the Phantom — which requires you to supply your own camera, has half the battery life, and lacks remote live view, for somewhere in the region of US$470.)

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