US military developing advanced ‘radar-evading’ drones

The US military is reportedly working on super advanced drone technology that can evade radar systems along with an all-electric, fuel cell-powered UAV launched from a submerged submarine.

The advanced drone, dubbed the RQ-180, is designed to penetrate deep into heavily defended airspace.

Despite the current drones working well for the US military in wars like Iraq and Afghanistan, where enemy fighters had little to no air-defense capabilities, analysts acknowledge that these aren’t too hard to be shot down as they don’t have any stealth technology, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

Gen. Roger Brady, at the time the outgoing commander of US Air Forces in Europe had said that in contested airspace, a more plausible scenario for future conflicts, today’s UAS (unmanned aerial systems) would be extremely vulnerable.

The RQ-18 would also have the ability to be deployed on electronic attack missions, targeting radar and communication systems.

The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) recently launched an all-electric, fuel cell-powered UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) from a submerged submarine.

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