Kent State University students will learn how to build and fly drones: Higher Education Roundup


Drones are in the news following the announcement by that it may soon deliver packages using unmanned aerial systems.

And drones are a hot academic field. Beginning next fall Kent State University will teach college students how to build and fly them. Its College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology will offer a minor in unmanned aircraft systems.It will be an option for students enrolled in any of the five aeronautics degree concentrations.

The university cited studies that indicated more than 23,000 jobs in unmanned aircraft systems jobs could be created over the next 15 years. In addition to military operations drones could be used for geologic research, weather monitoring, surveying, wildfire surveillance, security and aerial photography.

“Failure to implement this proposal will place the aeronautics program behind leading institutions that already have UAS curriculum in place or are moving to implement curcciula to address the needs for this area,” said a proposal to the university’s Faculty Senate, which approved the program in February.

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