Farm Aerial:- Observer QX1


Farm Aerial Drones is providing farmers with system that captures high definition images and videos to help make better farm management decisions.

How it started.

Sebastian Ohirko – founder of the company have been interested in remote controlled flying platforms since his youth. Been experimenting with different remote controlled helicopters always trying to improve them. To make them useful in practical manner. The idea what driven him to the place he is today was to make use of that flying machines and bring measurable benefits to its users. He holds MSc in Management granted at Rzeszow University of Technology  the only one in the country that awards degrees to civil aviation pilots. Studying at the Aviation Valley  gave him opportunity to make conversations about newest technology and swap the UAV ideas with many industry enthusiasts and specialists. After graduating he moved to United Kingdom to work in agriculture at a large British farm. Two seasons spent on farm gained him valuable experience. Noticed then that many nowadays challenges which farm management is facing on a daily basis could be solved with the use of new technology. Remote aircraft experience, university knowledge and agriculture background allowed him to successfully start Farm Aerial Drones.
The company.

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