Dreamhammer’s Dream Of Interoperable Drones

In the world of drone aircraft and robots, right now everyone develops their own, on-board operating systems software to run those autonomous systems. However, Santa Monica-basedDreamhammer (www.dreamhammer.com) has a different vision of the world, where entire fleets of aerial drones and robotics surface vehicles can all operate off a single, interoperable operating system–much like you get multiple smartphones running on Android today, or computers on the same OS. We spoke with Dreamhammer’s CEO, Nelson Paez, about the company’s software and its vision for a interoperable operating system for drones and robots. Dreamhammer is one of a number of robotics and drone-related startups here in Southern California.

What’s Dreamhammer?

Nelson Paez : For the past four years, Dreamhammer has been developing a software product called BALLISTA, which is what we refer to as a drone operating system. It’s new technology, and a new way of utilizing unmanned systems such as drones and robotics. You use it in a very similar fashion to how you PCs and mobile devices use their operating systems, so you don’t have a stovepipe solution where a UAV can only be useful for one purpose. The software can be used to control any unmanned system, whether that’s an air vehicle, a space vehicle, or a ground or surface vehicle. Multiple applications can be used together in a way that is not being done today.

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