So You Want to Fly Drones?


After attending DARC, a Drones and Aerial Robotics Conference in New York, I decided to become an expert in reporting on stories and news related to this new technology. My interest is far away from military uses. My intellectual curiosity is geared towards the future of Unmanned Vehicles in the civilian world. Many of these potential applications are listed on Drone Entrepreneurship: 30 Businesses You Can Start.

In order to understand the conversations and dynamics between policy makers, concerned citizens and passionate RC hobbyists, I decided to join a Drone Pilot Training Certificate at theUnmanned Vehicle University (UVU). The university’s primary focus area is on Unmanned Air, Ground and Sea Systems education and training.

A broad spectrum of students are joining this Unmanned Vehicle University in Arizona.  Many see UAVs as the future of aviation and want to be part of the phenomenon. Others want a certification and training to start their own business. “I would say half of our students want to start their own business. The other half want to improve their education to move up or get a job in the UAV industry,” said Jerry LeMieux, Retired Colonel and President at Unmanned Vehicle University.

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