State unmanned aircraft corporation may appear in Russia

State unmanned aircraft corporation may appear in Russia - source The Russian government is discussing a project to establish a new integrated structure that will develop and produce unmanned aircraft systems, a source in the country’s defense industry said.

“If such initiatives are put into practice, this new structure, which can tentatively be called Bespilotprom, may appear on the basis of some corporation controlled by the state. It will include some state-owned industrial assets engaged in efforts to design and build advanced unmanned aircraft systems,” he said.

The main goal of this organization will be to “ensure better coordination as part of Russian-funded projects to develop new unmanned systems,” he added.

A Russian unmanned aircraft expert, Denis Fedutinov, for his part, questioned the feasibility of establishing a structure that would specialize exclusively in unmanned aerial systems.

“The state already has plenty of instruments such as certain agencies that coordinate programs in the sphere of unmanned aircraft systems,” the expert said.

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