Drones Are Watching

Military and law enforcement drones are the source of much controversy, but what about their use by private citizens or companies?

What was once thought to be Sci-Fi is now reality. And the Federal Aviation Administration estimates nearly 30,000 unmanned aerial vehicles could be filling our skies by the year 2020.

Mark Pires, a New Canaan Realtor, is a self-declared drone hobbyist. He’s found a way to mix business with his pleasure. Using the three-to-four pound quad copter, with camera attached, to help market his luxury properties with video and pictures.

The $5000 quad copter sounds like a swarm of bees. With red and green lights, and not much bigger than a small pizza box, it resembles something a child can buy at the local mall, but slap on a camera and all of a sudden, this remote-controlled toy transforms into something much more.

But there’s a twist. Even though they look like toys – the use of drones is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The only operators who don’t need FAA approval are model aircraft hobbyists.

The regulations state they must fly them lower than 400 feet, not in populated areas or anywhere that can impede on air traffic, and they cannot be used for any commercial use.

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