“Drone shooting event” in Deer Trail: Phil Steel plans to have a blast


The citizens of Deer Trail have yet to vote on a proposed ordinance to allow the hunting of drones within the town limits. The date of the vote has been postponed until December 10 because of legal challenges to the petitions and may be postponed again. But that hasn’t stopped the man who crafted the ordinance, Phil Steel, from moving ahead with critical training of potential drone hunters. In a shameless effort to rally enthusiasts for his cause, Steel has organized a “drone shooting event” on private land just outside of town for Saturday, November 30.

Participants won’t actually be shooting at actual drones; there are, it seems, a paucity of reports concerning unmanned aerial surveillance hardware buzzing the skies of Deer Trail. Instead, Steel plans to launch up to fifty Estes rockets and let his hunters blast away.

“There are no prizes to be won,” Steel explains. “This is basically just fun. The idea is to develop a whole new shooting sport. It’s strategically placed ten days before the vote because I want to influence the vote as much as possible.”

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