Eco research drone facility unveiled

Cyprus’ first unmanned aircraft research facility for environmental studies was officially unveiled yesterday by Minister of Communications Tassos Mitsopoulos.
Speaking to the media, the minister congratulated The Cyprus Institute (CyI) for what he described as “pioneering work” into the use of drones for conducting environmental research and monitoring.
“For many years I have been watching the progress made by the CyI in this field with great interest and it is therefore a pleasure to accept this invitation to present the unmanned aircraft programme.”
Mitsopoulos noted that although unmanned aircrafts also known as unmanned aerial vehicles are commonly associated with the military they are also increasing being used for important scientific research during times of peace.
“The use of unmanned aircrafts for research purposes including detecting and measuring pollution, recording weather activities and mapping and monitoring vehicle traffic is guaranteed to become more common in the years to come.”
However, according to Mitsopoulos this will only be possible once changes to European legislation allow unmanned aircrafts to join civil aviation.

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