The European Union Says It Wants To Join The Drone Club

Seven EU countries say they want to join forces and start making their own military drones by 2020 rather than relying on the Americans.

The EU Observer website reported that the proposed “Medium Altitude Long Endurance (Male) craft … can be used to strike military targets or for surveillance of migrant boats in the Mediterranean Sea.”

European nations currently use U.S.-made drones for military operations. Britain used U.S.-made Reapers in Afghanistan and France used the Reaper in Mali.

It’s hard to predict what the political atmosphere will be like if and when a European drone takes to the skies.

Drones have emerged over the past decade as an important part of the U.S.-led war on terrorism. They have been used to kill militant leaders in PakistanYemen and elsewhere. But they have also caused civilian casualties as well as raised questions ofsovereignty.

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