How Far Can Unmanned Vehicles Go? At Israel Expo, Velodyne to Explore Military Usage of High-Def 3D LiDAR

With recent advances in low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles, coupled with similar breakthroughs in GPS and inertial measurement systems, the sky may well be the limit for new commercial and military opportunities to deploy high-definition 3D LiDAR.

Navigating those opportunities in depth in a presentation at the first AUS&R Expo on Autonomous, Unmanned Systems & Robotics, in Rishon-LeZion, Israel on Nov. 26, Velodyne’s David Oroshnik will address how high-definition 3D LiDAR can expand the scope and effectiveness of military operations. The Expo, sponsored by i-HLS, is targeted at developers and users of systems, platforms, payloads, sensors, and software related to autonomous unmanned aerial systems and robotics.

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