Potential Drone Uses Discussed

By the end of the year we will know if Nevada will be an innovator in unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones. The F.A.A. is trying to find test sites for the commercial use of unmanned aircraft, and Nevada is on the shortlist.

That is exciting for people looking to jump into a business that has some serious potential to make them rich. 140 billion dollars a year is what the unmanned aircraft industry is expected to generate once it gets off the ground.

Across the state Monday, dozens gathered to discuss what needs to be done to make drones happen in Nevada.

“That grouping of companies and category of business is going to be worth 140 billion. If we, in Nevada, can just tap into 10% of that, that’s a big victory,” said Don Vetter, one of dozens who attended a statewide workshop on the implementation of commercial drones Monday.

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