Revolution: The new MULTIROTOR flight control is here!

service-drone_press_4With the takeover of the brand MULTIROTOR in spring 2013 the redevelopment of the likely most efficient, most flexible and safest flight control began. While the previous three multicopter generations from service-drone still flew with components of Mikrokopter, the intelligent control mode of the fourth generation exceeds everything that has been known so far. The layout is based on the MULTIROTOR board and was newly configured with a variety of additional functionalities, the latest hardware architecture and a completely revised software.

This development which only took about nine months and caused development costs of about EURO 350,000.- will totally replace the previous multicopter control modes from now on. As core of hardware even two 32-bit processors offer about 10 times more computing capacity than before. This enormous computing power enables high-precision coordination of every move of the copter. Likewise accurate is the flight data log on board which allows the most exact data recording 128 times per second. In connection with the most modern hardware architecture, high precision components for position sensing and sensor technology, flight manoeuvres which never have been thought possible are realisable as well as the most precise positioning of drone and camera during the flight.

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