Kadet Defence Systems: Providing defence ministry aerial targets

India imported such targets and limited budgets used to mean limited training. Now, as the applications of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are growing exponentially.Aerial targets are a niche area within the large defence sector. To provide high-quality training for fighter pilots and anti-aircraft gunners and to test the effectiveness of radar and missile systems, the armed forces need aerial targets that can simulate incoming aircraft, missiles or remotely piloted vehicles.

In order to closely simulate battle scenarios, these targets should be able to achieve speeds close to that of real missiles or fighter jets and should also be able to simulate jamming and evasive capabilities of such systems.

In March 2008, during the joint military exercise, Operation Brazen Chariots, in Rajasthan’s Pokhran desert, radar-guided OSA-AK mid-range missiles blasted a Javelin 100NG aerial target into smithereens.

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