UNH Using Drones To Tend Apple Orchards

An unmanned aerial vehicle designed by Boston-based Rotary Robotics captures aerial photography images over Woodward Farm at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. (Credit: Rotary Robotics/Twitter)University of New Hampshire researchers are using a remote-controlled helicopter to help apple orchards pinpoint problems and protect their crops against blemishes that render the apples unmarketable.

The low-cost unmanned aerial vehicle is loaded with GPS and infrared technology that can see pests or early infections caused by the apple scab fungus, which causes dark blemishes on the leaves and skin of apples. Instead of a farmer spending a full day scouting an orchard for problems, the helicopter can do daily surveillance in a short amount of time.

Kirk Broders, a UNH plant pathologist, and doctoral student Matt Wallhead are working with Massachusetts-based Rotary Robotics to build the vehicles, which they expect to cost about $2,500.

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