New wave of agriculture on display

The technology is used around the world by the military and now one company is changing this technology to help farmers in the United States.

It looks like a big model airplane.  But once it’s off and flying, it’s helping farmers in the field.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) from a company called, Farm Intelligence, flies 400 feet above fields automatically making turns when needed and taking pictures of the crops that capture everything from plant growth to pests.

“It depends on what we’re trying to do,” said CEO and founder of Farm Intelligence Jim Johnson.  “We just had a normal camera from a Best Buy.  But, it can be higher tech cameras also.  If you’re looking for diseases, if you’re looking for fertility.”

Johnson said he heard about a farmer in England doing something similar.  That’s when he decided to advance the technology.

“There’s so many opportunities throughout the growing season for a farmer to make decisions,” Johnson said.  “If they know what’s going on with their field they can make these decisions and generate a higher yield.”

Farmers, like Brent Smith, who hosted Friday’s event, and seed providers, like Bill Funk, like it too saying this is the new wave for farming.

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