Fairfield Aerospace to Develop Command and Control Systems for UAVs

Unmanned droneFairfield Aerospace is making progress raising funds to develop a command and control system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles enabling them to fly in unsegregated airspace.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are now everywhere in the news, and the media speak of them as if they were already part of our daily life. That is because the commercial potential is considerable; the commercial UAV market is already large and is set to grow further, it is estimated to be worth between $55 billion – $62 billion per year by 2020 (Teal Group). Integrating UAVs into civilian airspace is expected to yield $82bn of economic benefits by 2025 if they could be certified to fly in unsegregated airspace.

However, to date, no Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is able to operate legally in civilian airspace without severe restrictions including limited range and altitude. Fairfield Aerospace has developed a unique solution to allow the UAV market to fulfil its potential within three years. By allowing remote pilots to directly control the UAV in real time, Fairfield will enable UAVs to operate in exactly the same manner as a conventional aircraft, thereby overcoming the key barriers to certification.

As a company, Fairfield Aerospace constitutes a unique opportunity. There are not many start-ups in aerospace that have attracted the attention of majors at such early stage. It has received the thumbs-up from key players on both sides of the Atlantic.

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